Protection against the fire without your presence!

We would like to introduce our automatic Bonpet extinguishing ampoule that, because of its method of operation, enables you to assure fire protection of potential fire sources even on locations that so far have not, due to economic reasons, had the possibility of having an appropriate and needed fire protection with the installation of large fixed fire safety systems.


Bonpet extinguishing ampoules are intended for the use of automatic extinguishing of initial fires in small enclosed areas where potential fire sources are normally present – usually such fire sources are electrical installations in continuous operation. Indispensable everywhere you assume that the temperature will rise rapidly, when the fire starts (ceiling or closed wall to the potential location for a fire). The best effect for extinguishing fires of class A, is when the ampoule covers approximately 8m3 of an area. Suitable for extinguishing fires of classes A, B and F. Constant presence of human control is not assured.
They are required at all the areas where human access to the area is difficult and where opening would accelerate the progress of fire in the area.

Technical characteristics

Dimensions: 300 × 60 mm
Combined weight: 1200 g
Volume: concealed glass ampoule contains 600 ml of liquid Bonpet


Self-activation, which means effective extinguishing of all starting fires.

Works for all fires of classes A, B, F and electrical installations.

No false alarms, it activates only when the temperature rises.
It is the only fire extinguisher in the whole world that is not affected by any human or technological factor.
Does not cause any damages during the fire extinguishing and its remaining components are easily cleaned.

Human and environment friendly (no halons).

It has a 10-year product life expectancy and 10-year warranty.
No maintenance is needed (one should only keep an eye on the glass so it does not get damaged).
It is easy to assemble and, in case of removal to another premises, easy to dismantle as well.

Ampoule can also be used by throwing it into the origin of a fire; it is easy to use and human panic and confusion factors are therefore not present; it is installed close to the security guards, next to potentially dangerous fire sources.

Additional discounts on property insurance at certain insurance companies.

It has an aesthetic look. Even though people should have bought a fire extinguisher, they do not because of their industrial look. That is why we have developed a fire extinguishing ampoule that has an aesthetic look and looks like a lamp. We have played with colors, so everyone can find a perfect match. Ampoule is available in many color combinations and in combination with chrome: white, white-chrome, red, red-chrome, blue-chrome, silver etc. If you order a large amount of ampoules, they can be manufactured in other colors by arrangement.

Modes of use

Automatic activation

When a fire breaks out in a small enclosed area and temperature rises, extinguishing liquid simultaneously begins to heat and as a result, the liquid starts to extend in the glass ampoule. When the temperature of the extinguishing liquid is approximately 85°C ± 5°C the glass breaks into pieces which allows the liquid to drop into the area, where endothermic process begins. It takes the energy from the fire and starts to cool the area. As a side product of this endothermic reaction, small quantities of nitrogen and carbon dioxide are released. Their function is to prevent the entrance of oxygen to the burning area. Remaining components that do not decay, form a protective layer over the surface of the extinguishing liquid, which prevents re-ignition.

Throwing the ampoule directly into the source of a fire

In case a fire occurred in a close room not equipped with a BONPET fire extinguishing device  you may take off an flask form a bracket in the adjacent room and throw it above the fire seat against the ceiling above the fire so that to break the flask. The fire extinguishing agent spraying over the fire seat will make the same effect as it was described above.

Mixing with water

You can make as well a 6% solution of the agent with water having broken the agent flask. The efficiency of quenching fire in this case will be 20 times higher than that when using ordinary water. How to prepare the solution? Solve the flask agent in 10 liters of water. There is no pressure in the flask when it is not shaken. The flask is made of a safety glass.


The ampoule is stuck into a pylon that is previously screwed on above the area of a potential fire source, on the wall and ceiling, a computer cabinet, electro cabinet with the main safety fuses, as well as compensative cabinets. This way of placing the ampoule enables the liquid in the ampoule to reach the activation temperature as quickly as possible.

Additional possibilities
•    Bonpet ampoule can be protected with a protective net which prevents damage to the glass.



Set of Bonpet ampoule consist of :

  • specially designed and shaped glass ampoule,
  • Bonpet extinguishing liquid (600 ml),
  • plastic spacers, 
  • metal bearing rosettes (painted or chrome-plated),
  • holder. 
  • Additional option 1:  safety net.
  • Additional option 2: For better stabilization of the ampoule on the places of installation where flickering occurs, we can offer special stabilizer washers, which mitigate the vibrations (flickering). Suitable for vessels, work machines, etc…


Automatic fire extinguisher Bonpet  – small  with holder

  • specially made and shaped glass ampoule
  • Bonpet liquid  (300 ml)
  • added holder
  • extinguishing effect (room volume): 5m3